cold no more..surgery is a go!

*this little chick was cleared for surgery yesterday! So we will have surgery later this week. I would ask (once again) for prayers for betsy during this surgery and the fitting of her conformer. Also I ask for prayers for zack and I  (ok fine me..) because I am really nervous about the conformer. I know once it is all said and done it will be second nature, but the unknown is not my strong suit.  

*this was betsy yesterday when I told her she got the green light for surgery...
 notice the excitement in her face!


  1. yay for surgery! will say prayers and will be thinking of you & the family, the doctors, and of course the adorable patient.

  2. When we became mothers, we inherit this amazing strength to help our children through anything. Even if you don't think you have it, it just shows up when you need it! You will do great! Our prayers are with you! Love you!


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