betsy update

*here is our pirate princess wearing her new conformer!

*Thanks for all the prayers for betsy.  We made it through our very long day. The procedure went well. Dr. Stahl examined her eye, she was surprised how much pressure it has lost, but feels like for now she can keep it.  Praise the Lord.
*our new best friend, Bud (the ocularist) made a mold of her eye, fabricated it and inserted it this afternoon.  He did this in about a second. She cried but not how I had imagined.  After she was calmed down, she seemed pretty unfazed.  However, then her momma got a chance to remove and reinsert it.  I cant remember the last time I was so sweaty! YIKES. Betsy was a trooper, however I think she is really praying that someday i can be a bit quicker and a smidge less sweaty. 
*the conformer is clear (which is awesome, we were told it would be blue) so it blends a bit better.. She will start wearing it for 2 hours a day, then add an 1/2 hour to hour every day until we work up to the majority of the day.  She will eventually sleep overnight with it in, but not until her next checkup with Bud in 3 months.
*Every 3 months the conformer will be evaluated and she will get a new mold done when there is significant growth. 
*Super Bud informed us that she will have a "painted" conformer around 2 years of age, which will match her other eye.  The conformer does move with the eye.
*Also the literature did warn us not to put the conformer in our mouths.  OHHHH...whew. Almost did that.


  1. Praise the Lord! I'm a friend of Amy's and have been following Betsy Kate's story through her. We've been praying like crazy at our house. You make me laugh!!!

  2. I'm glad I read this before I saw you - it was INDEED very tempting to put the conformer in my mouth. Thanks for saving my some major embarrassment. Awkward. Betsy looks great!
    Aunt Katie

  3. My butt started sweating almost instinctively when you mentioned removing and replacing the conformer. Never really had to deal with contacts, so that's my history... Hope it gets loads easier!

  4. I would have been drenched in sweat. (Maybe not my butt... I think that's just Vinnie...) Good job, momma. You'll be putting that thing in and out just as fast as Bud in no time. :) Love those chubby cheeks on Miss Betsy!


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