snack time.

*one of my favorite times of day at our house, is "snack on the counter" time. It really doesn't matter what the snack consists of, the novelty of counter sitting makes it great.

i think betsy is sending subliminal messages to max about sharing his snack.

*It was our anniversary yesterday. We dropped the older kids off at a good friend's house for an hour and went to dinner.  here are a couple of reasons why we decided not to take ek and max...
dinner chair Olympics
look at that determination!

*Ellakate just told max "you wont get hurt, i promise"..so i better stop and check that out!


  1. I am very impressed on how talented your kiddos are Sara Jane!! You just make my day and always bring a smile to my face to see your wonderful, sweet and hilarious family !!! Love ya

  2. That's amazing! I hope Tilman doesn't learn to do that trick though...
    Thinking lots of you and your family!
    Remember when we used to make May baskets? Does anyone do that anymore?

  3. rebecca- we can teach this trick to tillman. Possibly over skype? :) Yes may baskets. we did do them this year!

  4. Sara, thanks but no thanks. Tilman already has bad table manners. He eats with his feet on the table and / or likes to put them in my cereal or cake or tuna fish casserole.


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