*Easter was a fun filled day around here. First off the Easter bunny gave everyone new sunglasses. That bunny loves the target $1 aisle!
*we then headed to grampy and mimi's for church and lunch

ellakate and mimi

*We headed home and ditched the church clothes to play outside.  
1. untuck shirt  2. add flip flops  3. play outside!
 *Once outside max had a run-in with a very cute bunny...following pictures are not for the faint of heart...
 he was struck from behind, but he did not drop the bag of easter cookies
eating cookies while waiting on the ambulance 
is it just me or does the bunny not seem too concerned? 
*after the "wreck" the day continued on the path to crazy town.  Dinner involved leftovers from lunch and the famous "ham tongue"
*followed by naked cowboys with pudding faces
*and cowgirl ballerinas sporting biker boots and attitudes

*which ultimately brings us to this momma
how much longer until bedtime?


  1. That last picture could be me. Every. single. day.

  2. Thanks for making me smile today! Love you!

  3. Good grief! I love your kids!

  4. Judah and I were looking at the pictures this morning & I noticed something wonderful! Look how Ella Kate is standing like her Aunt Katie!! :)

  5. katie- was this her pose with mom...or the cowgirl attitude pose? :)

  6. I can see how this could be confusing. I was referring to the one with Mimi (with her foot sideways. . . ) but it coudl easily be both!


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