winking squirrels in leotards

*happy 4 months old betsy!  today is 1 week since betsy's accident. It honestly has semed like a lifetime ago. How much God has done in a week. I think that many people are surprised by how well her eye looks, we think its the most beautiful eye in the world.  we have had lots of struggles this week, but also many answered prayers.  Her next appointment is Monday so we are praying that her eye will continue to be infection free. 

look ma, no patch
check out my winking skills.

*we are trying to get back to whatever our "normal" routine was...although "normal" describing us is a bit of a stretch. betsy isn't suppose to go outside for awhile due to risk of dirt and dust in her eye, so we have discovered some new things to do around the house. Like the joys of hallway bathtub surfing.
dinosaur pj's and a nonchalant pose are a must for tub surfing
*the flying squirrel once again messed with the thermostat. this time he got it to 89 degrees. i noticed when the temp was at a nice balmy 71. One positive side to the temp change is that in trying to capture him, i finally stumbled upon the elusive flying squirrel hideout.

*just because it has been so long since we have had a leotard photo...
leotard + swimsuit = fashion YES.


  1. Wahoo. Love the leotard! Love from Western Kansas!

  2. My Max looks so suave! :) Love from Aunt Tatie

  3. her eye looks fantastic!!! I am so so relieved that little Betsy is ok! Love reading your blog, Sara...and your kiddos are absolutely beautiful.


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