pirate princess strikes again

*Thanks for the continued prayers and support. All the love and prayers that we have received has been amazing and humbling.

*we took betsy back to children's mercy today to check for any infections.  Thankfully no infection was found so we can breathe for another couple of days. We will return on monday to check again.

*she is scheduled in a couple weeks to have another major surgery to remove her stitches. They will leave some stitches in for good to ensure the eye holds together.  They will also remove the remaining pieces of her lens at this time.

*she still has a long and uncertain road to healing.  In the near future there will be surgery on her retina and spacers, cornea surgery, blah blah blah. too much for this momma to think about. So for now we concentrate on the next couple of days and pray infection stays away.

*betsy was in a great mood today, mostly because she was treated like a tiny rockstar.  As we left the dr's office, all the staff had gathered to meet betsy. It was really neat. She is the youngest baby to have had such major surgery that the specialists have seen.  So while that is scary, maybe her experience can help someone else down the line.  We are so blessed that God answered our prayers with such an amazing doctor, especially since she laughs at my inappropriate eye jokes.

*betsy did add another accessory to her collection today, a new white eye patch.  It should look smashing with her easter dress!


  1. Great news Sara and Zack! We are surrounding you all with prayers. The white patch and Easter dress sound great. It's all about color coordinating! And bling too of course. Love you, Aunt Sue

  2. You should totally bedazzle that patch.

    Unless it poses a health risk to your precious babe, of course. Safety first... ;)

    Much love to you all from MN!


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