sweet tea and sass

* Happy saturday! i spent the day with a great friend for her birthday. We went to target and had sweet tea, how could I say no?  Zack got to hear this from a sassy ellakate..

- he asked her to clean up her room, her response  "not today old man"
-he told her it was time for nap she turned to max and said " do you believe this guy?"
 did I mention she is a bit mouthy? must get that from her dad.

*betsy is loving her bumpo chair. I have learned to place her on higher ground or she becomes the new exhibit at the petting zoo!

see max i told you she has real hair

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  1. no today old man?!!!!
    that is killer.

    today annie told me she wanted to go to china so she could karate chop the bad guys there.
    oh my.

    i am SO happy you are blogging!


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