* The last several weeks have been filled with birthday parties. My daughter turned 4 and we celebrated with a T-Rex wearing a replica of her leotard/tutu cake.  I tried to find party decorations with this combo theme, apparently there is a market for these, i will look into it.

made by the wonderful jenny. perfect replica of ek's favorite leotard.

*Also my son turned 2 ten days later. Since he still doesn't have a strong opinion like his sister, we went with a cowboy themed party. We call him "cowboy small" because he's into cowboys and well...he's small, we are creative like that.  Good times.
i think he might be whistling "happy birthday"

jenny again.
*apparently it was the year for birthday bikes.  summer is gonna be fun.
the snow boots are still on due to the remainder of 17 inches of snow still melting around us. Also helps cowboy small reach the peddles a bit easier.

* also my sweet baby loving some sunshine and fresh air and apparently left over cake.

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