here goes...

Here is my first attempt at blogging.  some facts about me.

*I am married to my very wonderful and patient husband for 7 years.  He tolerates my craziness and rants, but not the fact that i hate to capitalize anything.

 *Worked as a Financial Bank Examiner for the State of Kansas Banking Department for 7 years.  I hate math and accounting, but love paychecks and benefits.

*Tossed aside my "adult clothes" to stay home with my first child.  Quit my job the day before I was to return from maternity leave.  So obviously you can always count on me.

*Have been a stay at home mom for 4 years, now have a 4 year old daughter, 2 old son and 3 month old daughter.

*I have a wonderful family, and friends who mean the world to me, but sometimes i would leave them all behind for a tall cold glass of sweet tea.

* I try to be a responsible adult, wife and mother, but also have yearnings for the days with open sunroofs and ac/dc blaring on the tape deck.  Currently i do not have a sunroof and i am mature enough to realize that I dont want my sweet babies to be singing "she was a fast machine" along with me...yet.

*I love to make lists. See above.

*my happy place is with my family...and target.  but not the two together.

*I will try to use this blog to capture my family and document wonderful memories, but realistically it will feature sarcasm with photos.

*my husband just read this blog post, his response "I ended up marrying you?"  He's a funny one.

*here is a pictures of my kiddos, they are my world.

miss betsy kate
ellakate, max and betsy
the muscle photo. yep.

yes she is wearing a leotard. you will see it again.


  1. They say that a woman needs to speak an average of 26000 words a day; does blogging count? If so I am guessing Scott would love for me to do this too! Rest assured I am not. I have trouble texting 'u 2'! I love it Sara and this will bring me joy each week as I am able to be that 'fly on the wall' in your life...:) keep up the good work 'biddy'
    P.S you may want to start your kids singing "Another bites the dust' first!!

  2. amy- if memory serves me right, it is best to learn the song from a certain aunt when its time for bed. Let us know when you can make it :)

  3. I love it. The picture of max and betsy is awesome and one of my favorites. I'm so glad you started, now we'll know whats going on!


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