get a grip.

*I am a bit of a whiner.  Lately I have been way to consumed with what's wrong in my small world.  Naughty kids, hair that won't cooperate, laundry piling up, meals that border on child abuse, weight gain, crazy long stray hair on my chin (if any old boyfriends are reading this....ignore the previous....i still look 22) I have been bothered by this and much more that seemed so big.  Today God pulled me aside and whispered.."get a grip Sarajane" (maybe not the exact words...but go with it)  My friend Danielle is fighting with breast cancer, today during surgery it was found it has spread to her lymph nodes.  Not the news anyone wanted.  I have no doubt that her faith will bring her through all challenges of the next year.  All in all, the point about me making the stray chin hair public news, is I want to focus on all the grand things we have in our small little worlds.  It's pretty dang amazing, just like Danielle.  


  1. I know the feeling - sometimes it's easy to get buried in all the small things. Chin up, friend. Sending big hugs your way! (And prayers to your friend!)

  2. So sorry about what your friend is going through. But we all dwell on the little stuff from time to time. All of those you mentioned...me too! Except for the chin hairs of course ;)

    1. Ha. Glad you don't have the random chin hair. Bonus :)

  3. Hang in there ... we are all human and we go thru things like this on a reg basis.. Praying for you friend.... FYI... wax and tweezers are our friends as we get older.... just sayin' <3


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