catch up.

*Playing a bit of catch up around here lately.  This past week we have had a couple cases of stomach flu, trying to avoid lice at school, 2 Christmas programs and a holiday weekend dinner with great friends.  How do I manage to keep up with it all, you ask?  Well I don't.  Hence the mildewing load of laundry found in the washer last night and small bombs that have detonated in each room.  But thanks to my husband, we tackled the biggest issues last night, so I can lay around a bit longer in my pi's today.  

*Betsy has started another fun game.  Fake sleeping.  This happens everywhere and anywhere but never at nap or bedtime. (imagine that!)
Just a little fake nap after dinner
*The kids did a bang up job at their church Christmas program yesterday.  The boy refused to wear his tie during the actual program, but threw it on for pictures afterwards. 

*EllaKate was very excited about wearing a new (to her) dress from her cousin.  Since I never plan ahead to have tights or matching sweater, she got squeezed into a sweater a couple sizes too small. She's a trooper, but was still a bit annoyed that her sweater wouldn't button. 
*Last but not least, Miss Betsy loves to dress for cold weather. This picture was from a couple weeks ago, but she continues to wear the hat/ear muffs ensemble every time we leave the house.
*If you are counting down with me, only 4 more days until we don't have to wake up early for school drop off  Christmas break!

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