Nanny wanted.

*I have eluded to the fact that winter is going to be a long drawn-out crazy cooped up time in this house.  We have only had a couple of really cold days and we have barely survived.  Betsy is learning new death defying tricks all.the.time.  So if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I am currently interviewing for nannies. You must be quick on your feet, sense of humor is a must and not be squeamish when dealing with fake eyes.  
It is also helpful if you have lots of scotch tape for various reasons.
Bonus pay if you don't mind having the kids hanging off of you all day. Literally.
Please send me your applications.  Side note: Pay is in toaster strudels and unlimited orange juice. 

*A late Happy Birthday shout out to my dad.  Hope you had a great birthday and hopefully you didn't want a quiet calm dinner for your birthday, because we all know that didn't happen.
Also hope you didn't expect a picture with all the grand kids smiling in a "normal fashion" I wouldn't plan on that...ever.

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  1. Those Legos are just taped to his head, huh? :)
    My kids beg for toaster strudels. You're a way nicer mom than I am.


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