halloween and nerd camp

*Finally getting around to the Halloween recap.  The kids carved their pumpkins and had a competition to see who could gross the each other out.  Ek was declared the winner.  This was determined when she was discussing pumpkin guts and her brother (who was intently listening) proceeded to throw up into his pumpkin .  Needless to say we didn't end up putting a candle in his.
Betsy posing by her pumpkin and practicing for senior portraits 

*Costumes were also a cluster this year. I'll stop for a second so you can be shocked by this.  Max decided on the same costume f,rom last year.  It was it was a bit snug, but thankfully it got dark quickly.  Ek stuck with a witch costume from her grammo Jane, and Betsy was debating between a pig,ghost, dog, kitty and decided on a princess.

*This weekend we got to have one of our favorite nieces, Grace spend a couple nights with us.  She is a fantastic help with the kids, not to mention its kinda fun to have a kid that can actually hold a decent conversation with you.  Grace and Uncle Zack are kindred spirits.  They each have a love for science and all things nerdy.  So Saturday was their "nerd camp" with a day long visit to the Cosmosphere and watching endless National Geographic videos on YouTube.  I must admit I did not feel the same excitement over learning about the Cuttle fish.  

A quick lesson on bird regurgitation complete with diagrams.
Between science lessons we did have a bit of fun in the leaves. 

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