Bud and Betsy Show debut!

Finally the first installment of the Bud and Betsy show! I was unable to view it on tv, so thankfully Todd (the amazing tv man) posted a link for YouTube.  The show can also be viewed online at kcpt.org in the next couple of days.  But for now click on this .... Bud and Betsy

* Thank you Bud.  You have changed Betsy's life and opened up a whole new world where being different is a pretty awesome thing.

*Thank you Todd Feeback from Kansas City Public Television for letting the locals know the best kept eye secret of "Bud the Amazing Eye Guy".  Also thanks for including Betsy in the segment.  You are a great new friend and have definitely been added to the Christmas card list.  

*disclaimer:  sorry about the crazy wooden eye comment, but let's be honest, it was the first thing I mentioned to Zack when they took Betsy into surgery.  Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. I'm sure we should all thank Todd for leaving out the other ramblings that I said. 


  1. it was perfect. I loved when she smiled at him in the picture above. :)

    1. thanks. she was pretty stinking adorable, now to have that attitude transfer over to everyday life :)


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