Mother's Day.

*Mother's Day was a great day! We spent the day at the Bartlett Arboretum, in Belle Plaine, listing to Robin Macy and the Cherokee Maidens.  It was beautiful weather and everyone got along, couldn't ask for anything more.  
Batman swinging on the giant swing at the Arboretum.
The girls with Robin. She is such a special lady to us!
 Betsy loving on her new Hoho on the way to hear One-Eyed Betsy!  Check out littlebitfunky on instagram, Crystal makes these fun friends, she even switched the eye for us to match Betsy's.

The only family picture we took on Sunday, might not be the best, but atleast everyone was in the picture!
*I may have tried to buy out the entire supply of Robin's cd's featuring One-Eyed Betsy. However, there should be more available if anyone is interested.  Contact Robin at www.bartlettarborteum.com or download it from iTunes.  Ok I will try to stop forcing the song on you now, maybe.  

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