I'm breaking up with Wednesday.

*So far Wednesday has been a bit ugly around here.  All 3 kids were up at 6:15 am.  They all snuggled in with me and for a brief moment, I thought we might all go back to sleep.  Nope. One of them (I'll let you guess who) had turned her eye around. I know it has been 2 years, but seriously when you wake up to someones eye pointing out to the side of their head, it's a bit startling.  So unfortunately, when you have to tackle Betsy to get her eye out, it tends to stir everyone else out of the bed as well.  Let's all pray nap time comes early today.

*To follow up the eye wrestling, max decided that being up early was not his thing, so he proceeded to throw a fantastic fit at breakfast.  His sisters decided to take matters into their own hands, pretty genius i say. 

*Last night was beauty salon night, Ek and Betsy worked on my hair for a long time.  They were a bit generous with barrettes, did not take kindly to a big NO on using the flat iron and a certain 2 year old had a heavy trigger finger on the squirt bottle. But when you love having your hair brushed (like this girl) you put up with it all.  Bonus, it only took me 5 minutes to extract everything from my head when they were done and I didn't find any bald spots. Sweet.

*Hello naps...where are you?

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