captain antibiotics strikes again.

HULK: "Captain America. What are you doing in the hallway?"
CAPTAIN AMERICA: "Trying to stay away from all the germs in this house"
HULK: "Ah yes, I did hear that Mom has strep again and Ek is fighting a fever"
CAPTAIN AMERICA: "Perhaps if they would stop licking shopping cart handles, they could be healthy again"
HULK: "Perhaps. I plan on leaving my mask on for protection all day"
CAPTAIN AMERICA: "As do I, along with my pajamas"
HULK: "There were whispers of an unlimited movie and juice day at breakfast"
CAPTAIN AMERICA: " Yes I heard the same information, let's grab our blankets and stuffed friends and get the good seats on the couch"
HULK: "Great idea.

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  1. I LOVE this picture! I think it needs to be a canvas! :) Sorry about the strep. Yuck!


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