Pool is open!

*When the momma is too lazy to go buy a cheap plastic blow up pool, the kids resort to their own ideas.  A muck bucket served as our pool for an afternoon. 
 no need for suits, jump in the water's great.
 the diving board addition. (this ended real quick)
*I did manage to at least wrangle them into their suits

 yet another diving board. Trying to be fun mom i let everyone try once.
I like how Betsy is either trying to provide support for the jump or hijack it. My guess is hijack it.

 On second thought, maybe there isn't enough room for all of us?
 This is better, kinda.
 Everyone out! Mom go buy us a real pool!
* I did go and buy a "real" pool the next day, we have been pretty much living in it. Gotta love summer!


  1. Love the original pool! You are such a fun and cool mom. I want to be like you when I grow up :)

  2. I think you just don't want to have to clean the "real" pool. So much easier to pour the bucket water and any undesirable contents into the toilet and flush away!


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