Good Morning

*Hello Monday. Usually I don't mind you, but today. You are my enemy.  You started off with kids jockeying for position in my bed waaayyy to early. This ended with me getting a kick to the face. Next you served me up cranky kids and a mysterious poop on the bathroom floor. I also think that you are paying Betsy to chuck her glasses 3.5 seconds after I get them on, this happens, of course, after she crawls onto the table.  Monday, Monday, why are you so mean. It's now 8:45 a.m. and I am going to fight you with all the Diet Coke's my fridge will allow.

*Today I share some death defying photos of couch/church pew jumping. Wow, do we know how to entertain on the weekends or what? :)

*I hope that Monday is being nicer to you.

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  1. That looks like me and my brother when we were young!


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