going to kansas city....kansas city here I come...

*it's prayer request time again! We take Betsy back to Kansas City in the very near future for dr's appointments. We will see Bud (the ocularist) and he will enlarge her conformer. This time she will not have to be put under to make a mold, but he can increase the size in his office. If all looks good he will also be painting her conformer to match her other eye.  
*Also we will squeeze in an appointment with her eye surgeon, Dr. Stahl to check the overall health of her actual eye. We are praying that the eye has not shrunk anymore. This will allow her to still keep her eye and we will not have to discuss removing it completely. I believe that we will also discuss putting her in glasses (not prescription lenses) to help protect her good eye. I am trying to convince Zack that she will need several pair to coordinate with her outfits...so far not much luck!  
*So I ask for prayers that everything goes as planned. Also please pray for us, I am still struggling constantly with everything and am still working through the last several months. I have been trying to keep everything in perspective and remember all the positive things that have happened through it all. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family. We are so blessed to have healthy kiddos.


  1. We think of you all every night at prayertime... Here's to continued prayers!

  2. Dear Sarah Jane, God is good and faithful! He is who He says He is! Have faith and believe that God's plan for you and your family is good! You are one of the strongest women I know. Dealing with this is a process and no one can tell you how or how long it will take! You have LOTS of friends and a great family that support you! Hang in there! Love you!

  3. Thinking of you all! I hope Bud is stocked up on blue paint. He's gonna needs some beautiful shades!

  4. We're praying!! Please keep us posted. You're such a wonderful mommy with beautiful kids. I can't wait to hear the good reports. Love you BFF!

  5. thanks girls for all your kind wishes and prayers. I must be honest...they made me cry! We are so blessed with great friends!


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