family photos

*We got our family pictures back from meg this week. I must say that she captured our family in true form.  There were only a couple of pics that everyone was actually looking at the camera, but that's our stage of life right now.  Here are some of my favorites. (if you get a Xmas card from us...act surprised when you see the photos later!)

i love this series. Betsy vs. my hair. Max being sweet and ek thinking about meg's treat box at the end.
I'm trying to capture max, betsy is tightening her grip and ek working the balance beam
yes, finally captured max, betsy has made my hair an inch longer and ek is trying to figure out why pictures are taking so long.
not letting go of max and betsy is declared the winner of the hair pulling (yes i do think that is one of my better looks). Zack gave a great effort and ellakate is mesmerized by the traffic. 
8 years married, 3 kids in 5 years, numerous hair colors (me that is) and still together :)
ellakate 4 1/2 
betsy kate 11 months
ahh. max. I think he was dead set on being done with pics. 
betsy decided that she liked the individual photos best.
betsy is shocked that we are letting her sit on a staircase with only her siblings holding on to her. (zack may have caught her by her head before she face planted on the cement right after this was taken)
max 2 1/2
MOM! they are squeezing my cheeks....
here come the superheroes.  (cue the music)

*thanks again meg. Yet another great time with you, not to mention the fun photos!


  1. Love these, Sara!! I especially love the ones of you and Zack!

  2. These are fanTASTic! Your kids are so cool...

  3. You, my friend, are just plain ol' gorgeous! Love the pics. Max is my new favorite super hero :)

  4. thanks everyone!
    Danielle. what a nice comment (i'll send you some money for saying that! ha.)

  5. Beautiful!!! It is great to see the joy on everyone's face. Miss you Sara Jane.


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