lunch with max.

*this is why it takes max 20 minutes to wash his hands. Apparently a stool is just too easy and a bridge is much cooler.

*After his hands were finally clean (which required a change of clothing due to severe splashing) he made himself lunch..

His choice of lunch consisted of a block of cheese, pudding cup, my watered down diet coke and a beer (which did not make it into the photo or into him).  He was quite disappointed that his lunch ended up being a bit different, although I did let him gnaw on the cheese for awhile :)


  1. Oh my word, your kids have the best life! You're such a stellar mama for letting him do things like this. And what a cool kid!

  2. Such a creative little guy, that Max. :) I think I know where he gets his creative play gene from, though. ;)


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