fashion week

*So i carved out some time to upload my photos. WOW. This last few weeks our fashion sense has been remarkable. New York and Milan take notice. This is what is new in the fashion world of Ellakate, max and betsy...
 -what is the newest trends in a 2 year old world? Apparently your sister's pink cowboy hat, too big pj shirt, too small pj pants, different colored cowboy boots, new belt buckle and a winning facial expression. Want to really rock the outfit? Add an air guitar.
*Do you have issues deciding what to wear to the annual block party? So did ellakate. But after some careful deliberation, she put together the ultimate outfit.
-here is the winning combination.  First off a dress and leggings. Then to add some flair...utilize your neighbors cape from his elvis costume years ago and some orange pompoms. Like the cheer says...b.e. agg.ress.ive with your fashion!
*Max decided to go with the old standby of superhero outfit for the block party.  This time around he upped the ante by matching everything. Love the orange and blue!
*now if you are nervous about diving into fashion headfirst, be like betsy. Choose a nice cowboy hat and everything else will be just fine.
*I hope that you can implement these fashion rules into your own wardrobe. As max is finding out the neighborhood ladies take notice of sharp dressed superheroes.


  1. Love, love, love all these fashions and photos! Max's superhero look is always my favorite.

  2. hilarious! made my day!!


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