neighbors, colds and target...oh my

*first off I must apologize to our neighbors who are trying to sell their house.  I noticed that max was standing on the back of our church pew, plastered to the window, only wearing his diaper, when your realtor pulled up to show your house.  Yup. pretty sure we chased those potential buyers off.  Sorry....or maybe not, we really dont want you to move :)

*WELCOME FALL. WELCOME FIRST COLDS OF FALL.  blah. All 3 kids have colds. I could go on and on about how long our day was, but instead I'm just going to buy stock in kleenex.

*Several months ago, Ek talked our sweet neighbor Kami into taking her to Target.  She then gave kami $2.00 to hold until they went. Hilarious.  Finally a couple of weeks ago we went.  I had to fight to go. (Really like im going to miss out on a trip to target?) Ek informed me that I could go, but I would have to wait in the car. WHAT! This is when the weather was still around 105. She finally decided that I could come in the store as long as I did not shop with them.  I say that's a win-win situation. Needless to say we all had a great time and came home with lots of fun loot.  

 ek, kami and the new umbrella 
* I also want to give you all a heads up about the Barn Sale that is coming up. PlaneJane Designs (my sister Katie's business with her friend Kendra) will be there again this year with all of their cute stuff. I will be posting pictures of some of their great stuff in a couple days and maybe attempt another giveaway! Here is the info about the Barn Sale on Oct 1st. It will be great!


  1. Will you be at the barn sale?! I've been meaning to email you but just haven't gotten it done yet. Maybe we can meet face to face... since we are BFFs and all :)

  2. i just sent you an email. Hopefully these two bff's can finally meet :)


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