good not so clean fun

*This weekend was filled with dirt, machines, dust, more dirt and 3 kids that could have easily passed for "PigPen". Yikes.  Zack spent the whole weekend putting in a new yard. I spent the whole weekend trying to keep the 3 out of the new yard.  At one point my partner in crime, Danielle and I loaded up the kids and drove around town. I hope this dang grass grows quick!
*This cute little boo 

spent the whole time like this. I'm pretty sure she ate her weight in dirt and old grass. 
Are you loving the muppet hair? Her bangs are long enough that they get in her eyes, so this is what we are working with. We also can get really good t.v. reception, so that's a plus.

*Later in the day Betsy took her first steps! Yay! So after that we spent quite a long time doing this...
*Ellakate and Max had a great time this weekend. Their days were filled with playing in the dirt, on the tractor and even 4-wheeler rides with our great neighbor Kami.

safety can be fun!
Good times had by all.  Now let's see how successful I am at watering and keeping us all off the lawn for the next 10+ days.  Wish me luck.

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