free day.

*so today was our "free day." No preschool, no mom's group, no play dates. Just us. It didn't go so hot.  Maybe there is something to be said for having a full schedule?  Here's a rundown with cute pictures of betsy mixed in.
wanna wrestle?
-dropped my entire sewing kit on the floor. Now close friends/family know that I do not sew, (thanks again danielle for hemming my pants) but when your under wire falls out of your nursing bra, you take matters into your own incapable hands.  So needless to say I might not really know how to sew (minus the really scary cat pillow I made in middle school, his eyes followed you everywhere.) I apparently have 1,000 needles, three of which found their way into my family's hands and feet. The bra has been fixed, but it ain't pretty, but really neither is the bra. Consider yourself lucky i didn't post a pic :)
-Betsy has a cold and sneezed right into my eye.
let me out!
-every time we tried to venture outside someone would get hurt, have a dirty diaper or be in timeout before the door closed. 
-max wrecked on his scooter and smashed his eye against the handle bars.  I had serious flashbacks of betsy's accident.  But thankfully it was only a nasty black eye and bad scrapes. I had our wonderful neighbor Janis who is a nurse take a look at him just to make sure.  I may or may not...fine I did have a wee bit of a panic attack in the garage once I decided he would be ok. I mean seriously. blah.

-While we are on the topic of eyes, betsy's appointment which was suppose to be early Oct got pushed back to November. So we will wait a bit longer for the conformer to get resized and painted.  The good news is she just finished up 9 straight days with it in!
_Ek has really ramped up the smart mouth. Poor max was coloring, picked up a black crayon and told ek it was brown. Her response "Don't be an idiot max" Nice.
*Tomorrow is busy so let's hope that's a good thing.


  1. The first time one of the girls smashed their fingers in a door I freaked out. I was ready to throw them in the car and go to the ER. Now I can't even remember which daughter did it. I locked myself in the bathroom and bawled. I think it's normal. Whatever normal is...:)

  2. Only you can talk about a nursing bra in such a fun and fabulous way! Thanks for the smiles :)

  3. What do you mean, you can't sew? Where were you when the rest of us were making pillows? I think you should petition Mrs Janssen to start a bra mending activity period.

  4. great Rebecca! I'll take to Mrs Janssen or possibly start a new business around here! :)


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