conformer questions and sorta answers.

*I have gotten several emails from blog readers (shocking that people are reading besides my mom!) with questions about Betsy's conformer.  Here are my attempts at answers.

-what is it made of? It is made of acrylic and very hard. It also does a slight bounce when dropped (so I've heard). 
What does it look like? I took a pictures of the conformer when it was out the other day. It is curved to fit over her eye.
the quarter is for size comparison, not reflective of price. ha.
-Is there a significant difference in looks when it is in/out? Here are pics of miss b with the conformer out and with it in to see the difference.
Here is a picture without the conformer
Here she is wearing the conformer
-does she still produce tears? Yup and they are usually accompanied by screaming.
_does she need eye drops? When she is wearing it we put in drops a couple times during the day to keep it moist.
_Does it bother her? It doesn't seem too, but she will get fussy and rub it when it gets too dry. I still draw really bad pictures on it so I can tell if moves and becomes uncomfortable.
_Is it getting easier inserting and removing it?  Yes and No. I am getting quicker, but she is getting bigger and smarter.  Good news we don't have to insert it or remove it every day.
_How long does she wear it? She wears it all the time. Currently we are up to 7 days straight. The plan is to only take it out every other week for 24 hours to clean it. So we have a ways to go yet, but she is doing well.
_When will they paint the conformer to match her other eye?  It is my understanding that Bud (ocularist) will enlarge the conformer and paint it in October.

*I haven't said it for a bit, but thanks for all continued love, prayers and support. This is slowly starting to feel like our new normal. I honestly never thought we would get to this point. Thank you.


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for the info! She's such a cutie.

  2. Betsy is adorable! Has Ella Kate started preschool? How is that going?

  3. jena. Ek starts preschool next week. We sent her last year at 3, so she is excited about going back. I think max and betsy are counting down the days :)

  4. Thanks, Sara, your willingness to talk openly (and with humor) is refreshing. Without a doubt, Betsy is beautiful with or without the conformer. Aunt Connie

  5. I love how you have found ways to find joy and humor in this horrible situation. We are going through some yucky medical stuff with my family and I want to make sure I don't let the sadness bleed into my blog much. I'm going to find ways to see the humor like you have. You're such an inspiration!

  6. aunt connie- Thanks for your kind comments and continued prayers! Hope to see you soon.

    Danielle. Sorry to hear that your family is going through some not fun medical stuff. You have been a lift to me with your comments and emails. I hope I can do the same for you. Let me know if I can help you come up with some inappropriate jokes...they seem to work for me :)

  7. Sarajane, I know you and Zac have had moments of, lets just say, blubbering, but I commend you both for the way you have taken charge and not let this get in the way of how you parent your children. Most parents would not have the grace you have shown. God is Good! Love you!

  8. I love that little Miss Betsy!! She is a brave, strong girlie - like her mama!! - Tonya


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