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*We are back among the living!  I did learn a few things about myself the last couple of days.
-It is not beneath me to scrounge through old purses and crumpled up kleenexes in the middle of the night searching desperatly for a cough drop. seriously. like some sort of drug addict. Purses that were so small I'm not sure what i carried in them besides kleenexes.  I did score one, pretty sure that it was from 1997. 
-When ill, I should not shop online in the wee hours of the morning for swimsuits.  i bought 4 due to free shipping/returns. Personally I blame betsy. She was hungry so hence the wee hours of the morning and she had veto power. Looking at the confirmation email the next morning I realized a couple of things 1. I have 5-7 business days to lose 25lbs. 2. Betsy does not have good judgement on swimsuits.
*in other news max has been wearing this baseball cap around lately. It was my dad's when he was a baby. I'm thinking about attaching a propeller on the top.
*here's just a pic of sweet betsy

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