conformer news.

*Today miss betsy headed back for checkups. First up was Dr. Stahl. She thought betsy's eye looked great considering everything that has happened. We were able to take betsy off all the eye drops for now. So that will decrease the crying and eye prying considerably.

*Next up was Bud. He determined that betsy was doing great with her conformer and was even pleased to hear that I am down to crying 5 out of 7 days while putting it in/out. HA.  Betsy will start wearing it for 24 hours in a couple of weeks and slowly work up to wearing it 24/7. This means that we only have to wrestle her every other week to remove and clean the conformer. This was the.best.news.  I swear that someone has been training this sweet girl in martial arts, she has learned some new great tricks to prevent the insertion of this conformer.
*Bud also said that if she does well wearing it 24/7 than he will possibly paint the conformer in the next couple of months to match her other eye. I'm very excited about this. We were initially told that she would be 2 before the conformer would be painted.  

*All in all a good day of dr appointments. She was a wonderful traveler and slept all the way to/from K.C.  So that means she and I will be up most of the night. Thanks goodness for movies on HULU. 
*Since I haven't mentioned it in awhile, thanks for continued prayer for betsy (and us). 


  1. Love that sweet little girl! - Danielle Boese

  2. She certainly is the cutest ninja I've ever seen! Glad the day went well...


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