spring break on a budget

* we just got home from our spring break trip.  Each year i take our kids to a wonderful all-inclusive resort known as...my parents house.  It fits our budget and there is always room.  There are many great perks included...
pj's all day

cooking classes with mimi

made to order breakfast.

*Ek requested grampy's famous pancakes, she wanted a princess kitty pancake and max wanted a giraffe. Grampy came through with his version of both which were given great reviews. Not to worry ek reminded everyone that i always burn pancakes at home and even threw in a nice tidbit about me burning french toast once as well.  my name is sara jane i burn pancakes! (and french toast)

mmmmmm giraffe never tasted so good.

*our resort has plenty of beds, but ellakate and max prefer to share one twin bunkbed. This trip max was having a hard time staying in bed. I threatened informed him that i would be removing every soft and snuggly item from the bed if his sweet feet touched the ground. So this is what he did for the next 10 minutes...he never touched the ground and he got a nice upper body workout!

*ek's comments tonight...  "it's in the bone"  what she screamed after she fell down.
"oh for pete sake, daddy's not listening" when she asked zack to leave the light on a bed time.  Always a good time with these kids. Im glad betsy's not talking yet!


  1. Does that resort have room for more? Looks so great!!

  2. we can always find room! start thinking what shape of pancake you would like :)

  3. You forgot school lunch @ Kennedy! And time at my house!? :)

  4. time at your house is another blog post :)

  5. Our last two vacations have been trips to the all inclusive resort known as my sister's house. But I didn't get pancakes. In fact, I did all the cooking. And a lot of cleaning. Hmm, time to look into new resorts. Let me know if your parents have any openings.

  6. ha! i'll let you know about openings. however if you do all the cooking at your resort...might i suggest giraffe pancakes next time :)

  7. I didn't realize your parents had opened a bed and breakfast specializing in pancakes from the zoo and potentially chaining guests to their beds. That's great! I might have my mom drop by for a few tips so she can spruce up the service at 902 N. Olive St.

  8. ummm...I just posted my first comment ever, and it says my name is Sadie!!!! That would be my mother's horse!
    So, no, your friend Rebecca is still a girl, and not a horse.
    But this glitch is worth almost as many laughs as your post!


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