betsy boo

*betsy had another dr appointment to check her eye for infection today.  HOORAY NO INFECTION TODAY! (my new cheer).  We are still scheduled for her next major surgery next week to remove most of her stitches (some will remain forever) and the remaining pieces of her lens. They also discussed things like retina surgery and cornea transplants, which after throwing up in my mouth, I decided to worry about another day.  
*afterwards betsy decided to celebrate by taking me to target. Unfortunately i had to pay.
* when we got home betsy had an addition to her collection waiting for her...
i think she’s in shock by how cute they are

*thanks for everyone's continued prayers and support.


  1. Yeah! No infection. Love the new shades. They Rock.

  2. Yay for no infection! Love Betsy's sweet little sunglasses!

  3. thanks girls! the shades were a must have :)

  4. seriously...could she be any cuter? :)

    i'm tellin' you...God has AMAZING plans for her. :) So glad to hear that there is no infection!

  5. I have been trying to post for awhile now, one of these days I'll learn these new fandangled things. Evidently the first time I posted on here it was a fluke...Anyway, I LOVE Betsy's fancy new shades and am so glad for no infection. Saying prayers for you all with her upcoming surgery!


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